How to Use Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud Libraries

adobe-stock-logo (2)The integration of Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud has allowed creative professionals, like you, to access, manage and purchase royalty-free stock images seamlessly. It saves you a lot of time from rework and gives you more time to perform other important business activities. It is not only that. Adding your image plan to your existing Creative Cloud subscription also entitles you to 40% more discount. The next important thing is figuring out how to use the website with CC libraries.

  1. Launch the CC libraries panel. Make sure that the libraries panel is already open. Then, search Adobe Stock photos directly from your favorite Adobe desktop application that support CC libraries.
  2. Search for Adobe Stock Photos. Choose Adobe Stock in the libraries panel by clicking the arrow in the search field. Enter your keyword and wait for the search results to be displayed automatically.
  3. Find the right photos. Browse through the images in the page results until you find the one you are looking for. If you want to find unique images, make sure to go through the next pages. Do not settle for what you can see on the first page. If you wish to get more info about the stock image, right-click and View Details on Web to launch the information page. You can also search for similar images to the one you selected by clicking right and choosing Find Similar on Web.
  4. Save the Adobe Stock photo to your Creative Cloud library. You can create multiple libraries in your CC panel, where you can save your chosen images. How do you do that? Click the Save Preview when you hover over the image and choose a library to save the watermarked version of the image you want.
  5. Use the photo from your CC library. Open the library where you saved your downloaded photo and drag the Adobe Stock photo into an existing document of your favored desktop software. creative cloud libraries
  6. License your image. Licensing your Adobe Stock photos is fast and easy. Once you have chosen the image you want to work with, you can make any edits using your CC application. When you are ready to use the watermarked version, simply right-click on the image and follow the instructions to complete the purchase. Once you have purchased the photo, all edits will be automatically applied – saving you hours from potential rework.

adobe stock features

Adobe Stock offers over 45 million royalty-free stock files, curated by Adobe itself. It boasts world-class images right inside your favorite Creative Cloud desktop applications. All you have to do is find the perfect Adobe Stock photo for your creative project and make it amazing.

4 Tips to Boost your Site’s Conversion Rate through Cheap Stock Photos

stock photography

stock photography

Cheap stock photography does not only add life to a website, they also help increase conversion rate. Nowadays, people do not just want to read a website. They want to experience it. Using the right cheap stock photos will help you connect with your target audience and make your site convert better. Some websites are unaware of this new usage of stock images when it comes to getting most of site traffic. Here are some tips on how to use them intelligently throughout your website.

  • Positive images for positive emotions.
    Many people buy products for emotional reasons, and you need to tap on these fact to boost your conversion rates. Incorporate positive images in your website to bring out positive emotions. For instance, you can add stock images with a smile, smirk or happy gesture. Remember, emotions are powerful – and they work. Make your customers feel good to connect with them.
  • Give your cheap stock images a human touch.
    Use human faces to increase your conversion rates. Human faces get your potential customers to focus more, drawing them to a common point of interest. Instead of using a painting, swap it with a photo of a real person and notice your user engagement also increases. This small but relevant change will send your conversion rate to skyrocket. In fact, it can increase your conversion up to 95%.
  • Think out of the box.
    Thanks to today’s technology, you can do so much by leveraging it. The sky is the limit. Make your website scream your uniqueness with cheap stock images. Give your customers a real feel of your products using high quality images. Because of this simple twist, you can increase the conversion rate of your products.
  • Perfect the art of choosing images.
    If you want to increase your conversion rates, you need put the “me” factor. Your customers are not interested in your products. They are interested in themselves. Show them that they are on the right track by making them feel comfortable. Get them to experience what they want to using cheap stock photos. You need to incorporate relevant and professionally-done images to open doors for people to like you and –eventually – buy from you. Do not just use photos to decorate. Make sure they are meaningful, too.
stock photographer taking pictures

stock photographer taking pictures

Do not forget to test these tips. If you want to be headed to the right direction and boost your conversion rate, use cheap stock photography. High quality, cheap stock images adds real substance to your site. Using the right stock photos can make a difference in your conversion rates. Whenever you feel like it is time to make a change, employ these tips to send your conversion through the roof.